ATV UTV Dump Trailers – 19″ Sides

ATV UTV Dump Trailers

U-Dump’s ATV UTV dump trailers support on-site operations for the agriculture and construction industries. They are also excellent trailers for farms, ranches, nurseries, vineyards, parks & recreation and sports turf applications. They are compact and easy to tow. These versatile trailers are frequently used to haul and dump firewood, gravel, rocks, dirt, compost, manure, hay, feed, mulch, hunting decoys and supplies, and other equipment and materials. Customizable off road features as needed.

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The standard trailer includes 19″ sides, a convenient swing gate, deep cycle marine battery, remote control dumping feature, protective undercoating and more. Optional features include stake pockets, 12” Sides, DOT on-road package, Clevis hitch and more.